Telecom Power

Telecom power systems are robust energy solutions designed for telecommunications infrastructure, typically operating at a nominal voltage of 48V. Featuring a rated voltage of 51.2V, a capacity of 100Ah, and an energy rating of 5120Wh, they ensure reliable power supply for critical communication networks. With a cycle life exceeding 3000 cycles, these systems guarantee long-term performance even under demanding conditions. Equipped with communication interfaces like RS485, RS232, and CAN, they enable efficient monitoring and control. Offering varied capacity options and state-of-charge indicators, they provide flexibility and ease of management. Their advantages include longevity, lightweight design, rapid charging, and high energy efficiency compared to lead-acid alternatives.

51.2V100Ah Telecom power

48V Telecom Power
Price: 150 USD ($)/Piece

Telecom power

48V150Ah Telecom power
Price: 150 USD ($)/Piece

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